Our Broadband mission

The lack of an acceptable broadband service for parts of South Oxfordshire is creating a serious problem for both residents and businesses in the areas affected.  Connect8 wants to help connect eight local parishes (and more) to a modern broadband network.

The current roll out of fast broadband is quoting figures that mean that 5% of Oxfordshire will not be included

That 5% includes a good number of our villages and hamlets where the telephone infrastructure has not been brought up to date and so demand for broadband is high!

BT have the contract for the roll out programme on behalf of Oxfordshire County Council and South Oxfordshire District Council have provided extra funding, but the gaps and “not spots” remain. Our aim is to find solutions to bring a good fast service to the locations shown in our list.

To do so, we need your help in visiting our campaign page so we can demonstrate the problems being encountered by skilled people working from home offering essential support and consultancy services and by families with various online requirements ranging from education to healthcare and entertainment to communication.

We need fast fibre and the returns on investment for broadband companies through new subscriptions in this area could be FOUR times the national average because of the high demand.

We need your names and your stories and we will make the strongest case and look at all the alternative providers if BT fail to provide is with a solution in the 2015. Please use this form to tell us more.

5 Responses to Our Broadband mission

  1. peterdr17 says:

    Make your opinions known!


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  3. Roger Carey says:

    The Village Networks wireless broadband service in the Hambleden area has a core infrastructure with 24 MB/s capability, and some subscribers opting for that speed as part of their normal service. We’ll be happy to talk!


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