We need to hear about your broadband thoughts …

The Connect8 campaign is a grass roots, non partisan  movement launched by local people in late 2014 to bring modern high speed broadband to at least eight local locations in the South Chilterns that BT have said they won’t fully connect.

For more information on the campaign please see our Broadband Mission and the form on our Campaign sign up page where we are collecting people’s stories about how hard it is for local people to live modern professional and family lives with dire local broadband.

We are still getting going and would welcome any further thoughts, expressions of support etc you might have on the comments here.

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7 Responses to We need to hear about your broadband thoughts …

  1. Stephen Christie-Miller says:

    We have very intermittent broadband which is a nightmare for running a business remotely and my children who are students


    • peterdr17 says:

      Thank you Stephen – I am on a mission! There are many people struggling to work – please send my regards to Katie Baldwin and ask to look out for new planning applications which may of interest to you too


  2. Stephen Drucker says:

    The existing broadband speed has halved in the past months and has prevented reasonable use, at great inconvenience, of the services it is supposed to provide, which encompass work and leisure. All this despite paying the same rate as those with a good broadband speed. There should be nothing less than 100% coverage


  3. David Wood says:

    I remember Dial-Up being quicker than this offering by BT.
    Any protest to the company is met with indifference.
    Satellite broadband will be the option that they hope you will to switch to, enabling them to upgrade just the higher density areas to fibre, and then increase the monthly premium.


  4. Tom says:

    If you guys where up for doing a community owned ISP, you could look at using stuff like:

    Might be an option if you can’t get any ISPs on-board.


  5. Jonathan says:

    When I spoke to BT about faster broadband and pointed out that the Openreach website was providing false information (it has stated fast broadband is coming soon for the past 2 years and they define “soon” as within 6 months), they told me that there was insufficient commercial viability due to little demand to upgrade the cabinet which services my post code. Has anyone initiated an action to encourage all residents within the areas to register there desire for fast broadband with BT or their ISP?


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