Articles of interest or relevance …and media links

A collection of media statements and links that make useful references!

How Binfield Heath got their result

Rural broadband projects – Gigaclear article

Fast Broadband – email from Ellisfield Parish Council (141013)

BDUK feasibility study

UK Digital Future

Report from House of Lords

Henley Standard launch coverage for Connect8

BBC TV South – Oxford news

Radio Oxford news item


6 Responses to Articles of interest or relevance …and media links

  1. ben says:

    16 premises in the tiny North Yorkshire village of Ulshaw have become the first in Northern England to get access to superfast broadband (24Mbps+) speeds thanks to BT’s trial of a new broadband technology called Fibre-to-the-Remote-Node (FTTrN)


  2. ben says:

    interesting, if this is calibrated by my existing ADSL2+ speed of 14mbps at 2.5km it suggests that Pyrton should achieve 12mbps rather than the predicted 2mbps on BT Infinity


  3. ben says:

    Is it worth adding a link for “how to check whats available”


  4. ben says:

    Click to access UK_Next_Generation_Network_Infrastructure_Deployment_Plan_March_15.pdf

    DCMS UK Next Generation Network Infrastructure Deployment Plan
    Broadband Delivery UK
    March 2015


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