Moving to Village Networks from BT – saving over £120 a month

ian beecher jones

Ian Beecher-Jones of Russell’s Water moved from BT to Village Networks recently, he totted up the costs and savings and wrote some questions and answers.  Ian is also happy to chat about the experience, drop him a line on:

Previous set up

2 BT lines, 1 with Broadband and BT sport

Both lines have international call packages and Unlimited call, call minder and caller display.

With Village Networks

Both BT lines have gone and replaced with 1 Vonage connection running over Village Networks broadband, with the old BT number being transferred.  Vonage is £20/month  includes all UK landline and mobile calls. The international package cost £3.99/month and is unlimited.

For voice and video calls also we have a choice of Whats App, Facebook or Skype which all work over the broadband.

We use the Three mobile network and our mobile phones use Three Wi-Fi calling (which uses the wifi and broadband to make the call when you can’t get a phone signal), so now with full coverage of proper wifi our phones can be used all over the house.

Q & A

Do I have to keep my BT landline?

You can for landline calls, but you can use other services such as Vonage, Facebook, Whats App or Skype to make calls. How many land line calls do you make now rather than mobile calls?

Can I use my mobile now?

Yes, if your mobile provider has a service such as Wi-Fi calling or add on boxes (such as Vodafone Suresignal or ee SignalBox) then mobile calls will travel across the fast broadband and give you a signal.

Do I get BT sport with Village Networks?

No, BT sport will have to purchase separately in the same way you subscribe now, this £22.99 per month. Or if you are an EE customer with a data package for £5/month

How do I watch sport on my TV?

You can subscribe to BT Sport separately (£22.99) or Sky Sports to watch sport on a monthly basis. Or NowTV which is an on-demand Sky TV service for films and sports from Sky.

Can I use Netflix and Apple TV?

Yes, with the Village Networks service all these service work seamlessly.

Facts and Figures – Ian Beecher-Jones – cal

Ian has also broken down the expenditure, showing a substantial saving of £120 a month.


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