Our team has been busy – a broadband solution in sight?


It has become increasingly clear that many of the premises in our Connect8 area will only get a fast internet service through the use of radio technology but the nearer the fibre source the better.

For radio to work, we need to establish clear lines of sight using high points and relay locations that are not subject to 360 degrees tree coverage – we used a cherry picker to establish the basis of a scheme and the optimum starting point.

This month (September) is the opportunity to evaluate all the information we have to subsequently get cracking.

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3 Responses to Our team has been busy – a broadband solution in sight?

  1. Billy Bolt says:

    Hi there,
    My address POSTCODE IS RG96HA,
    I was just wondering whether or not we fall into the 70% or 30% and what is available as an outcome?


    • hi billy – we won’t know until BT have completed their detailed planning – which should be in june when we shall have a community meeting for BT to present. even then though there will still be uncertainty as they can’t be 100% sure until they start digging/installing kit what they can do in budget. when we get the village networks proposal from the britwell hill masts going then you might be able to get that. but as you will see from other posts here we aren’t there yet. cheers w


  2. peterdr17 says:

    30% but with a radio solution


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