A move towards microwave radio…


Representatives of Connect8 met yesterday with Countryside Broadband to discuss the possibilities of using their technology to provide an acceptable broadband solution for our area and we are in touch with our subscribers to tell them more and ask a lot more questions.

Countryside Broadband operate a “network” in the Woodcote area with 170 subscribers and they are of the opinion that it may well be possible to “clone” their operation for us. It revolves around a base station which is ideally mast mounted to give great height, a series of relays in strategic spots and small radio receivers at each property. The subscriber cost proposed and the installation costs seem reasonable and the upload and download speeds are way better than at present.

It is radio technology not phone lines and dependant on lines of sight – hence the height requirement.

We are in the process of a thorough evaluation and we hope to have a proposal in place by the end of the month.


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